Dec. 21, 2003

Gift Exchanges

I'm so fucking bored. Adam was supposed to call me back hours ago and he never did. Wonder when I will hear from him....

We finally got to hang out on Friday night. I went to his friend Jeremy's house and hung out with them while they played poker. I had smoked a bowl in my car beforehand, so I was stoned as a mother fucker. It was the first time I hit a bowl in exactly one week. I need to start doing that more often so that I get high off of like, two hits. Seriously, that's all it took.

Adam was so fucked up because he drank and smoked last night. It's always fun when he is throwing up out the wondow of my car. Yeah riiight.

I just wonder where he is right now. Why didn't he call?

I spent about one hour at our family Christmas party last night. I was there to eat, then I left.

My nails are now pretty again. I got them filled last night before I went to Liz's for our gift exchange.

I love all of my gifts that I got from both of them. We were so excited about everything. It was great. They bought me a lot of pink things which I thought was appropriate since it is my favorite color and all. Heather got me some really pretty pink jewelry as well as a new pink sweater and belt. I have a new bellybutton ring from Liz and two pairs of socks. She also got me this really awesome playboy bunny wall clock which I absolutly love.

Didn't hang out with Adam last night because he worked...

All day long I have been doing nothing but sit around, sleep, and watch tv. So fucking boring. I didn't even leave the house.

I just talked to Adam and he is off work but he is hanging out at his job. I guess I'm gonna go into town and hang out with Liz for awhile.

missdahling at 7:56 p.m.