Jan. 28, 2004

He Loves Corn Nuggets

I stayed the night at Adam's last night. The roads were bad even in town. I'm glad I didn't have to drive home in that mess.

We went to Danley's, then the Eagle's, then there was a miscommunication between Vince and I so we ended up at Vince's house and then right back to town to go to the Rescue's. Same thing as usual. Adam's dad was so funny at the Rescue's. He ordered food to take home but ended up eating it all there. He even made me eat some of it. He kept saying,"Jenn, have a corn nugget. I love corn nuggets!" He must have said it about 10 times.

The night wasn't that exciting. It was a little more boring than usual because noone was out. The snow kept everyone in. None the less, I still had fun. I always have fun when I'm with Adam.

We got back to his house and played with Benji, then went upstairs. It felt so good to lay down. I love having sex with him. I could have kept fucking him all night. I never used to believe it when people said sex was better with someone you love, but it is true. Adam is the first person who I've had sex with who I absolutly love. If he isn't the 'one' for me, I don't know who is...

missdahling at 9:22 p.m.