Feb. 12, 2004


This girl was lost in the sauce last night. I was in a pissy mood. I don't have any idea why though. To brighten my mood, I went in the back bathroom at the Eagle's and smoked. All by myself with Adam and two customers at the bar having drinks. I came back out of the bathroom feeling much better.

When we went to Danley's, I was basically a lump on the stool by the bar. I couldn't even move. I sat thre lifeless. I was having a hard time seeing straight and having conversations with people. I had fun, but there is no weed left for tonight.

This morning was an early one for me. I woke at 7:30 to get showered and ready to go to breakfast with Liz. Before breakfast, we stopped at McCann School of Business to get information about going to school there. I am really thinking about it .....

missdahling at 9:40 p.m.