Dec. 11, 2003

Burning One Down

Tammy was working at Danley's last night which means that I was able to get served. Coors light in a small draft. While we were there, Liz called and told me that fucking Ryan Baylor was in town. Thrilling...I didn't even tell Adam. I hate fucking Ryan.

This guy named Browny, this other guy, Melinda who we met about a month ago, Adam and I went on a burn run. For some strange reason, I was in a pissy mood. Who cares though, I have the right from time to time.

Brownie bought us drinks after the burn run. I was so ready to go. It seemed like we were there forever.

When we finally left, we went to the Crack Shack. Even though Brownie smoked us up for free, Adam still had a gram for the two of us. Nice way of fooling everyone. He's so sneaky. We smoked two bowls; one of which I packed while he was going down on me (his idea). We had sex, and then left.

Adam went to the mall tonight to look for my Christmas present. YIPPEEEE!!!!

missdahling at 9:41 p.m.