Dec. 14, 2003

Work Christmas Party

I finally have time to write. I woke up a little bit ago and now I am just relaxing. Once again, my weekend update.

Friday, Dec. 12 : Adam and I went to Laughter's to drink. Unfortunatly Carmen, the bartender who usually serves me wasn't working. I got carded. She said that she couldn't serve anyone without I.D. Then, after talking to her for about five minutes, she said that she would give me a beer if I brought mr I.D. next time.

We weren't there long when my sister called and wanted us to get them more 40's. Meg and Cheryl met us at Staff's because we were going there anyway.

Laughter's carded me and so did Staff's. But I got in both places. At Staff's I started to feel sick so I didn't even finish my Long Island. I couldn't believe it. But whatever, it's cool I guess.

When we got back to the crack shack, Adam was beyond fucked up. He was so fucked up that he couldn't even smoke. I dropped him off at his house, then I went home myself. One of the last things Adam said to me was,"I'm so pissed off. I wanted to have sex like, two times, but I'm too fucked up." lol, gotta love my boyfriend.

Saturday, Dec. 13 : Exactly one month from my birthday !!!

I got some Christmas shopping done. Megan and I went to the Lycoming Mall to shop. Here is what I bought for people....

Heather and Liz: jewelery boxes.

Mom: lotion that she absolutly loves

Adam: Playstation 2 bundle pack. Now I just have to buy the two games. He wants Tony Hawk Underground and some other football one. I forget the title.

I also picked out two shirts and two thongs from Rue21 which Megan bought me for Christmas.

After the mall we went to Olive Garden. The food there is so awsome. I love that place.

IT seemed like right after we got home from Williamsport, I had to go eat again at my work Christmas party. It was held at the Townside Garden Cafe in Norry. It's a really cute, little place. I had the chicken meal, which was alright. The party was BYOB so everyone showed up with bottles of liquor and wine. They let me drink even though I am underage.

A few of us went back to Staff's after we were done eating and talking at Townside. By this time, everyone was pretty much drunk. We were all having such a good time. We danced, and I even bought Ben a shot. haha.

I called Adam while he was at work just to say hi and he was really pissed off. I'm not sure why, it probably had something to do with the fact that I was drinking. Like he has never called me when he was drunk before. Anyway, I stopped drinking after that.

I felt so bad for him though because when I picked him up last night, he didn't feel good. He really needs to see a docter, but he doesn't have insurance.

My phone rang around lunchtime and it was this guy who I exchanged numbers with at Staff's last night. It was a stupid thing to do, but I told him that I had a boyfriend. I told the guy that I couldn't see him. I ripped up his number too. Fuck him.

I haven't talked to Adam yet today. I hope he gets better. I miss him. I hate seeing him unhappy.

missdahling at 1:39 p.m.