Dec. 22, 2003

R - E - S - P - E - C - T

I had sex for the first time last night in a week and two days. Adam was at my work a little while ago and he doesn't even remember it because he was so trashed. I hate when he gets like that. When he woke up naked this morning was a pretty indication that we did, but he wasn't sure. Niice, my boyfriend gets so incoherant that he doesn't even remember having sex with me. Anyways...

Christmas is three days away....I'm getting anxious. I need to pick up a gift certificate for my dad. I still didn't buy him anything. What a great daughter I am.

Lately, I've been feeling bad about how I treat my parents. If they knew half the shit that I did, I would be so ashamed. My New Year's resolution should be to have more respect for my parents. They really are good to me. I'm such a bitch sometimes. Sometimes, someone should just slap some sense into me. I think I would benefit from it.

missdahling at 8:42 p.m.