Dec. 15, 2003

Money Woes

UGH...I am getting sick. I hope I am not getting what Adam has...I feel so bad for him. He has been bed ridden for the past two days. The poor guy. Before work I went to CVS and bought him a get well card. He called and thanked me. I thought it was sweet.

I had to turn our crackshack keys in today. That's another thing I did before work. I straightened the place up. Got rid of all the pot baggies, the 'ash-bag', the disgusting cups of bourbon and coke mixed with cigarettes...ah yes...fond memories. I left the sheets as they were, and I left the pillowcase with all the cum stains on the floor as it was. haha.

I have to go back to Laughters to pick up my security deposit. What a fucking in the ass. I don't feel like going. Why coudn't I have picked it up earlier?

:: sigh ::

All I want to do is go home.

I have to go to the bank tomorrow. I have checks to write also.

BonTon : $25.00

Psych Services : $40.00

Driver's License renewel : $25.00

Total Price : $90.00 ... Luckily mom is letting me borrow $100.00 until after the holidays.

Then, I will owe her $100.00

I will owe dad $175.00 for tires

My money situation fucking sucks. I need to get caught up.

missdahling at 9:09 p.m.