Dec. 05, 2003

That Feeling

It started snowing around noon today. It has been off and on. This is supposed to be the first big snow of the season. Snowfall could last until tomorrow. I hope it doesn't get too bad because I have to pick Adam up after work. I have no idea what we are going to do. He doesn't want to go to the bar because he will spend money that he should be saving for Christmas.

I wonder what he is going to buy for me. He asked what I wanted last night and I told him to surprise me. I trust him to choose something nice.

It was so funny...Liz called to tell me that she is finished shopping for me. Then Heather calls and says that she bought more presents for me too!!! I am dying to know what they are. They promised that I will love the gifts. I wonder what the theme is this year. Last year most of the gifts that Liz gave me were from the porn shop. So who knows this year. Ah, surprises.

I could not get stoned again last night. We hung out with Ana, Jeremy, and Hernan. I was fucked up after we smoked the blunt, but we had smoked a couple bowls before that too. We were at their house for awhile. Time went by quickly.

Since we were so close, we went to Sheetz. Nick who I work with scared the shit out of me by jumping out at me and shoving his key in my face, pretending it was a knife. His grand-little said that I was cute.

Adam was laying on his back, and I was on my stomach laying halfway on him. We were cuddling. He whispers to me,"I love laying here with you. I wish you could stay here." I miss spending the entire night with him. I kind of wish we had a place together.

He also told me that he might not be moving back to Bloom. He wants to buy a car and then commute to save money. I really hope he doesn't move back. I don't miss driving there to see him. The atmosphere in that town is undescribable. It would most likely ruin our relationship. I like things how they are.

"I want that feeling again.....the tingly feeling, never wanting to let go, butterflys in your tummy, late night phone calls, crazy sex, constant comfort, an instant smile just at the thought, adoring someone and knowing that they feel the same way ..."

Now Adam says that he doesn't know if he can hang out right at 10. It's Eric S.'s 21st birthday so they went to the bar. Couldn't have told them that he has to be back by 10 because he had plans with me? I mean, we have been planning this all fucking week. I told him that if he couldn't be back by 10, then I was going to Williamsport with Joe. He was like,"Well, I'll be pissed if you go." Well, guess what buddy? I'm pissed off right now. He is calling me back at 9:30 to let me know what is going on. Who the fuck knows...I am not happy right now.

missdahling at 6:36 p.m.