Oct. 18, 2003

Don't Be a Mooch

Last night was fun. Right after work I made a stop at Vince's to buy an eighth. I smoked a bowl of it with Vince and Hue. We were watching this really strange movie. It was called 'One Hour Photo'. Si the photo guy!!!! haha. Vince and Hue are cool to chill with and I don't mind smoking them up.

However, later on that night when I got to Liz's, I had to smoke up these 2 boys that I didn't know. They were at her party the other night and I remember them, but I don't know them well. I made them throw me 5 dollars to hit it though. They said it was well worth it too. We were all so stoned. It was the same trees that Adam and I got from Vince the other night.

I smoked again in Adam's basement with him and Ben. We then watched a little tv until Adam motioned to me to go upstairs. We had sex right on his dad's bed. We started out with me on top and then he asks me,"What position do you want mext?"

I didn't know, I didn't care either. I just wanted him to fuck me. We did a 69 until I thought of the position I wanted to have sex in. I told him how I wanted it. I said,"I want you to put me up against the wall."

He thought we were at his grandparent's house because he goes,"My grandfather's bedroom is right on the other side of this room." Then he quickly remembered we were at his dad's and was like,"oh! n/m. Alright. Let's do this!"

He finished in missionary position. But before he did, he took my hand and put it on my clit. I was so close to cumming but didn't. That always happens to me. It sucks. But whatever, it was still fun.

We went to A-Plus after that to get food. I was really hungry too.

I came home then and basically today, all I've been doing is laying around resting and watching tv. Adam just called me asking if I wanted to go on a burn run, but I said not right now. I haven't even showered yet today and plus, I want to keep my weed. It pisses me off how everyone wants to smoke it. I don't mind sharing, but I just spent $50.00 on it last night and was hoping to save a little. ugh.

missdahling at 3:21 p.m.