Nov. 20, 2003

The Only One

Adam and I smoked in his dad's basement last night. I have not been that high in awhile. It was great. I miss smoking only two bows and being ripped off my ass. It was either a)excellent weed, or b)because I only smoked one bowl the night before. Who knows. Whatever it was, I'm not complaining.

We didn't do anything after that...just sat in the livingroom. The tv wasnt even on, nor were the lights. We sat in the dark and talked about nonsense. It was stoned rambling.

He wanted to have sex on the livingroom floor, but since I still have my damn period, we didn't. It sucked. It would have been fun.

Adam was like,"What happened last night?! That was crazy. :-)"

It was pretty crazy sex. God, that was good the other night.

I was home by midnight last night. Good thing I was too because I had to be up at 7:15 this morning to take Megan and Julia to school.

Liz had told me to stop by this morning after I dropped them off. We were supposed to get breakfast but you know how lazy the two of us are. We ended up falling asleep. I woke up and she had already left for work.

It didn't leave me much time to drive home and get a shower and stuff, but amazingly I made it to work earlier than usual.

Adam stopped by a little while ago and brought me food and cigarettes.

Tomorrow night he is going to Williamsport with Ben and a bunch of other people. I don't really want him to. I've been insecure lately and I don't know why. I don't really have a reason to be. I guess I just love him so much....the thought of him finding someone new really upsets me. I want to be the only girls he wants...

missdahling at 7:02 p.m.