Nov. 19, 2003

I *suck*

My cold is getting better. I think the orange juice I've been drinking is helping. It isn't completely gone, but I don't feel like absolute shit anymore.

At the beginning of work yesterday I felt tired and run down. By the end of work I was feeling alright. I was ready to go out. Which is just what I did.

I picked Adam up at his work last night and then dropped him off at the bar. While he was there, I went to Vince's new place. Actually Tom's new place. I only stayed for five minutes. Took care of business and then went back to the bar.

Adam and I drank for free last night. It was great. I only had three beers, but I could have kept drinking. Tammy gave me 2 free ones and then a friend of Adam's bought us both a beer. I can't hold my alcohol anymore. I was a little buzzed from those three.

We decided to go back to Erik's place ("I don't's like, my house"). Listen to this. I had ONE cigarette left when we were leaving the bar. Adam and I decided to share it after we were done smoking at Erik's. You have to understand that when I want a cigarette, I want it immediately. So of course I bummed one off someone. Because I did that, Adam decides to smoke my last Marlby light when we get in the car. Not only does he drop it and has trouble finding it, but when he actually does find it, he breaks half of it.

I'm already pissed because now he doesn't want to share it with me. We get to Erik's and Adam was like,"Jenn.." and motioned for me to go to the house. I respond kind of rudely and go,"WhAT!?"

He doesn't like my attitude so he throws my keys about 13 feet in the air and says,"Fuck you!!! I'm walking home!"

There I am crying and sniffling, saying that I am sorry. He sort of reluctantly starts walking back to Erik's. I am still crying as we walk in the livingroom by the way.

We smoked one bowl and then Adam said that he was too fucked up to stay and needed to go home.

I talked to Liz on the phone when I was driving back to Adam's house. I decided to go in for a couple of minutes. Well, a couple of minutes turned into about an hour. An hour of having sex...or fucking.

We get to his bedroom and he says,"I want to tell you something but I don't want you to get mad." I was thinking to myself, great! what the hell is he going to say?"

Turns out that he wanted to tell me that he wanted us to take all of our clothes off and lay there naked. That was fine with me! Even though I have my period. Neither one of us cared. The only thing that bothered him was that he couldn't go down on me. I was like,"Yeah, well I can go down on you..."

He fucked me hard last night. A lot of the time I was on top. It turns me on so much when he slaps me on the ass. He also bit my left breast so hard that I have marks there today.

When he was on top of me I wanted it harder and told him to keep fucking me. It felt soooo incredibly good to both of us. We were getting out of breath, so we'd stop and breath, then start again. He said,"I wanna keep having sex with you, but I keep running out of breath." I was like,"Oh Adam, you're worn out. ;-)" He said that he was worn out, but apparently not worn out enough to stop completely.

I rode him hard until he came. We were exhausted. We layed there in bed. He didn't even clean himself up. He was so cute because after we had been laying there a few minutes, he said about 10 times,"I think I want to have more sex." I couldn't have though. I was tired, I needed to get home, and plus, I think I would have been too sore.

Adam told me that he likes having sex with me and fucking me too. He said,"There's a difference. Sometimes we have sex, and other times we fuck." I asked which he liked better. He replied by saying,"I like FUCKING you. I like it in the hotel when you're so loud you could wake people up four doors down." Then he told me that I was so beautiful. I could have melted. It was so sweet.

I slept good last night. I'm not tire today like I was yesterday.

Adam came to my work to borrow my car. He told me that when he woke up, he went downstairs and was talking to his grandparents. All of a sudden his grandfather said,"Hey Patti, do you see that suck mark on Adam's neck?" They laughed about it and his grandfather was like,"Adam, was it good?" lol...

He covered the hickey up with makeup, but it's still noticeable. The thing is huge. It probably won't totally be gone for about 4 or 5 days. God, I am so bad!!! hehehehehe!!!

The sex I had last night....Mmmmmmm.......

missdahling at 8:39 p.m.