Nov. 11, 2003

Playing Hookie

Four day weekends are so nice. I woke up yesterday morning with all intentions of going to work. Then Justin called me and said that he hit a deer with his car while driving to work. His car is totaled, but he's okay. He needed a ride to Lewisburg so that he could give his keys to BZ Motors. They were going to pick up his car. Even though I would have made it to work on time, I decided to call off anyway.

Justin filled my gas tank for me and we drove to Williamsport so that he could get some things together. He has to stay at Liz's since her dad and him work together. Otherwise he wouldn't have a ride to work.

We ended up hanging out in Williamsport for awhile. We went to one of his friend's houses. They smoked me up too. It was soo long since I've smoked from a gravity bong. I had 3 hits from that and I was high. I luv it.

Justin bought me food from Taco Bell, then we went back to Liz's.

I hung out there for awhile but was home by midnight.

I had such a nice day until Adam got pissed at me. I was supposed to meet him at his dad's house at 1, and I wasn't there because I fell asleep. The poor guy was waiting out in the cold for me without a jacket. I felt awful. I said that I was sorry and he goes,"Well, I'm sorry that I'm still dating you!"

He told me to 'just stay home' but I went to his house anyway. He opened the door and was like,"what the fuck!?"

He sighed and told me to come inside. I only stayed for about ten minutes. He said that he was tired so I went home.

I know that he was pissed off but he couldn't have been too upset if he let me in the house, right? That's what I hope anyway. He's at work right now and gets off at 8...I usually pick him up from work on Tuesdays. I really hope I hear from him, but if I don't, I'm calling Vince. I need some relief.

My boss had a talk with me today about morale. Long story short, I need to start being nicer to customers on the phone. It's so hard though....

missdahling at 6:44 p.m.