Nov. 12, 2003

"It's like .... my house."

I can now see how gambling can become an addiction. Adam and I played the punchboards at the fire company. He spent $20.00 and I spent $15.00. He won $100.00!!! We split that so we each got $50.00. I wanted to keep playing. I could see myself sitting there all day; wasting my money on those punchboards. We are going to play tonight, so hopefully I'll win big. haha

Hm...what did we do after that? Ah yes, we smoked, then went to Danley's. There wasn't a crowd, but it was still pretty fun. There were a few people in there. I didn't get served because Tammy (the bartender) was pissed off at Adam. He hung out with her boyfriend Brett and she must have thought I was along too. I'm not sure what the big deal was, or why she was mad, but whatever. I hate when girlfriends and boyfriends get jealous like that.

After Danley's, Adam, this guy Erik, and I smoked a couple bowls at Erik's place. He was hilarious. He kept saying,"You guys can do what you want...I don't's like, my house!"

Then he really wanted is to sleep over. That kind of freaked me out. He was like,"Ya know, you guys can have my bedroom, I'll sleep on the couch. I don't's like, my house!"

As Adam said, he probably had video cameras in there or something.

I found out that I gave Adam a hickey the other night! I have never given anyone one of those before. It's on the right side of his neck. It was faint, but you could definitely see it. He said that it was really bad on Monday. HAHA...I gave him a hickey.

I told Adam that I had my period last night. I didn't tell him until he was about ready to unbotton my pants and he was like,"We go through this every 25 days. Why do you let it get this far?" I felt bad. Sometimes he doesn't care. That was my argument. We layed there for a couple minutes and he goes,"I still wanna fuck the shit out of ya!"

Needless to say, that turned me on.

I would have been alright with just giving him head. I was really getting into it.

He wanted to go down on me, but couldn't. He was a little disappointed. hehe...and I was also a little disappointed.

I was on top most of the time. I straddled him first with my legs out and on the bed. Then, I put my knees up and bounced up and down. I sort of went around him in a circle because after that I sat sideways with both my legs on his right side. I layed down on top of him with my back on his stomach.

By this time I was having a hard time being quiet. He brought me to the edge of the bed and I wrapped my legs around his waste. He knelt down and I sat down on his dick. I was like,"Adam I wanna scream!" He whispered firmly,"NO." So I tried my best not to be loud.

We went at it in this position until he came. We were both so out of breath. Our hearts were beating a mile a minute. I just wanted to lay down and rest. Ten minutes later, he goes,"I'm still winded from that." I admit that I was too. How fun was that! Excellent sex...what bliss...I'm glad that we decided to have sex even though I have my period.

missdahling at 7:34 p.m.