Nov. 9, 2003

Noone is Lazier Than I Am

How nice am I? I was supposed to hang out with Adam last night after he got off work, but I fell asleep. I was dead to the world. I woke up when he called me for the third time. I'm like,"Well, I'll come back into town, we'll hang out and I'll give you a ride home."

Adam and I smoked and then I dropped him off. He thanked me for picking him up. He also thanked me for driving to Danville and picking up his work keys which he left at the Days Inn. That was very nice of me, I have to admit.

Liz and I layed around all night. We stayed in her room and didn't leave except to eat the food we ordered from OIP.

Why was I so tired today?

Since I didn't get to sleep until after 5am, I slept until noon, got up and ate lunch, then went back to sleep until 4:30. Then I had to get up and shower and stuff..

Megan and I dropped Adam off at work, then went to Lewisburg so that she could drop off pizza order money to her lacrosse coach. Her and I visited Cheryl and Michael. Michael is so cute! I was holding him on the couch and he totally fell asleep. It was adoreable.

I smoked the shittiest weed. It was worse than schwag. It was dirt weed. At least schwag is green...this stuff was brown. I was only high for about 45 minutes.

Later that night at about 1am, I went to Adam's work. he got to close up early because noone was drinking. Actually, there weren't even other people in the place. We had some beers and then he practically made me call Vince to buy ganj. I woke him up and I felt bad about it because he has to get up really early to go to work. At least we got high. We drove around and then went back to his house and had sex. Big surprise, huh? But I liked it.

missdahling at 11:05 p.m.