Oct. 29, 2003

Watch this Mutha Fucka

I get my car back tomorrow. Yay. They've had it for over a week now. It's about time.

Last night I went to Vince's and hung out for awhile before meeting Adam. Aaron Lenker was ridiculously drunk. He isn't supposed to smoke because he gets piss tests at work. I guess not smoking got to him because all of a sudden he yells,"That's it!!! Where's the bowl? I'm hitting that fucking bowl!!! Watch this mutha fucka's!!!"

And everyone watched in amazement as he took a hit. It was hilarious. The look on Vince's face said it all. He looked shocked. lol...

Once again Adam and I drove around for hours last night. His dad was in bed so we couldn't smoke with him. It sucked. I luv his dad! At first I was driving, but then I hit a curb and we both decided that he should drive.

Whenever we have sex I get so close to having an orgasm. He always finishes just as I'm about to, and then it just doesn't happen for me. Maybe I need to start doing something differently.

missdahling at 9:23 p.m.