Oct. 28, 2003

Back in his Arms

Everything is back to normal with Adam and I. Last night he called while I was at Liz's. He was like,"I'm surprised you answered your phone."

He had no idea how much I wanted to talk to him. Since he was playing it cool, so did I. I said,"Hey. How've you been? I missed you..."

At that point we agreed to meet up and talk. I met him at his dad's latenight.

I walk in the door and he gave me a hug. His dad was also glad to see me. He gave me a hug too and a kiss on the cheek. He's awesome.

Adam and I sat in his little sister's ball pit in the basement while his dad sat on the floor. We smoked 2 bowls and drank a beer.

We sat and visited with his dad for a bit. Adam was burying my with those plastic balls and his dad says,"Should I just leave?" hahaha...

It got so late so soon last night. We left his dad's around 3:30. Then we went to his house to talk.

We were laying in bed and he said that he thought about me all weekend. He apologized for everything too. I told him that I already explained myself in the letter. There wasn't much for me to say except that I asked him to try and trust me.

I missed having sex with him. Everything felt so good.

I'm so glad things worked out. God, I love him. One of these days I will actually tell him that too...

missdahling at 9:04 p.m.