Oct. 30, 2003

The Ball Pit

Remember the ball pit that I was talking about? Adam and I had sex in that last night. He goes,"I wanna have sex in the ball pit." I agreed to it and I'm glad I did. It was fun. Except, afterwards my thong was buried in the balls and it took awhile to find it. haha.

It pissed me off because he was on the phone for a good amount of time. He was talking to all his friends from Bloom. I was so fucking bored. I sat there smoking by myself while he told all his friends how much he missed Bloom and all. That's just wonderful. Riiiight....

When he was finally off the phone, he motioned for me to go over to him. He wanted to show me some fucking stupid Valentine's Day box that one of his ex-girlfriend's made for him. Inside were cards, a picture of her, and even a CD that she made. I didn't care about the damn box or his ex. Needless to say I didn't go over. I didn't want to act jealous though. That would show that I was weak which is a trait I do not want him to know about. I have no idea why he would even tell me about that shit.


missdahling at 6:17 p.m.