Nov. 05, 2003

Sore Dick

Last night Adam and I went to the bar again but not before smoking 3/4 of a bowl. The bar was dead. We were the only 2 people in there for awhile. Then Cheryl and her boyfriend came in and we played the bowling game with them.

Adam, two other guys and this girl named Melinda went for a burn run out Mile Hill Road. Adam and Melinda were fighting about running a stop sign or something. I have no idea. It was really stupid. Adam gets pissed a lot when he's been drinking.

Since the bar was closed when we got back we went to Melinda's house and smoked. Adam made an attempt (a poor one) to roll a blunt. We smoked it even though it was not rolled too well.

We were all sitting there talking and Adam says out of the blue, "My dick hurts. Last night was rough!"

It was rough the other night. I'm like,"Sorry 'bout that." He shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

I am actually a little sore today. The other night was rough and last night was a little rough too.

We had sex in his livingroom. Adam was like,"You're too loud, honey." I was trying so hard not to scream. He sat on the couch and layed his head back while I went down on him. He pulled me up on the couch so that I could sit on his dick. Then he layed me down on the floor and put his dick inside of me. That's when I started to get loud. He was like,"Honey, please be a little quieter."

He asked what position I would like to do next. I got on my knees and pulled him close to me. We did it doggystyle and then he told me to lean over the chair. I buried my face in the cushion of the chair and moaned.

He layed on the floor and I got on top of him. I got close and whispered,"I want you." He then whispered back,"Then start...let's see what you've got..."

I started riding him. His breathing was heavy and he came.

I think I actually would like to get an apartment with him...I've been thinking about it. I mean, I can see myself marrying him someday...why not move in together?

missdahling at 9:03 p.m.