Dec. 01, 2003

Nov 28 - Dec 1

I guess it's time to talk about my weekend.

On Friday night I hung out with Liz and Justin. Nothing special, just hanging out of course.

Adam was supposed to work the whole day and night, but he closed the bar early. We didn't get to hang out until two o'clock because he felt the need to go out for an hour. We called Vince for obvious reasons.

We had to go on a burn run because his dad knew we were in his house on Wednesday night. It was cool though. We went back to Adam's then. I had some sex, then went home.

It really sucked that I didn't get home until 5am because I had to be up for a hair appointment at 9:30. I am really happy with how my hair turned out. It's highlighted the same, but cut a little different. It's fairly short. Aboce my shoulders but not past my chin. I'm currently curling it under, but I could flip it out too. I needed change. My friends like it too, as did Adam.

Since I was already in Danville, I decided to go to the Columbia Mall. I got my eyebrows waxed there and now I have fake nails too. I decided to get them. I did some Christmas shopping while I was there. I got part of Heather's gift and Megan and Madison are finished. I bought Megan a book about astrology, which she already saw. For Madison, I got a cotton candy maker from Kay-B toys.

People who I still need to buy gifts for are Adam ($300.00), Liz ($30.00), Heather ($15.00), Mom, and Dad ($50.00). Total price = $395.00...I think I can afford it.

I had absolutely no time to get ready for our family church pictures. Yuck. I always look like shit in those. fuck it. I don't care.

I took Adam to work after we went for a burn run, then went to Liz's. Her, Justin, and I layed around for hours. That's what we always do.

At midnight, Ana called me so I went over there and smoked. I was there until 2.

I felt bad because Liz, Justin, and Andrew were supposed to come with me to Adam's work. He called and said that some of the trustees were still there and it wasn't a good idea if everyone came. Justin was in the clear because he is 21. I felt bad because Liz thought that I just didn't want her to come. That wasn't it at all. She was being anal. She gets weird about shit sometimes.

Anyway, I went to Adam's work and had a great time. I drank a rum and coke and then had a Buttery Nipple as a drink, not a shot. It was really sweet. The shot is better in my opinion.

It seems like whenever I go places, I end up smoking pot in a bathroom. I guess it was safe though. I meanm, no cameras.

We went to the Days Inn again at 5am on Sunday morning. Room #200. We had the room until this morning which was great. I love spending the night with Adam.

When we got to the hotel, we smoked. I'm not really sure how many bowls. I was pretty fucked up. Much like the night before, we had some sex, then went to sleep.

In the morning I woke up at 10 and went home because I thought my mother wanted to take pictures of Megan, Madison and I. It turns out that the battery for her camera died so she didn't take the picture anyway. Just my luck. I got up for nothing. When I found out that the pix weren't happening, I drove back to the hotel.

Adam was still asleep when I got there, so I layed beside him on the bed and watched 7th Heaven while I smoked a bowl. I tried to wake him up, but it was a lost cause. Oh well.

We had to leave later that afternoon because Adam had work yesterday. I went back to my house and slept until 1am when I went to pick him up.

It was so late until we got to bed again. I didn't care though because I was having fun. I was laying on the bed when he came over and goes,"I'm stealing your pants." This is an ongoing thing. He is alwys stealing my clothing. ;-). hehe.

I layed on my stomach wearing my thong and a sweatshirt. He started rubbing my ass and saying how much he liked it. He was like,"I could do this for days..." haha.

Again, had some sex, then went to sleep until this morning.

My weekend was great, but I;m not having a good day today. Work is hell. Sooo busy. Plus, I came into work today to find that someone has eaten all of my Starburst candies that I had just bought on Friday. I was/am pissed off. I sent out a staff email bascally saying that whoever took my candy was supposed to buy me a new bag. People are so fucking inconsiderate.

When Adam stopped by about 2 hours ago, I cried because I was just upset. I dunno. Only two and a half hours left at this sucky place. Gotta love fucking Mondays.

missdahling at 6:21 p.m.