Nov. 28, 2003


Happy belated Thanksgiving peeps!

Thanksgiving...not much to say. It was how it normally is. Grandma and Uncle Van came over at noon to eat. Also, Julia was there too. The meal was great. My mom is a good cook. I was so full after I was done eating. After Thanksgiving dinner I took a nap until about 4:30.

I hung out with Liz and Heather for a bit yesterday. Nothing exciting, just sat around, talked, and played The Sims. We were going to go see a movie, but there wasn't anything good playing.

Adam and I went for a ride last night, then went to the Eagles. We couldn't think of anything to do, so we went home after that. It was a miracle. I was home by like, 10:30pm. That was a first.

On Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve) I had such a fun time. Adam and I went to one of his co-worker's houses. We sat in the basement and smoked cigarettes and pot of course. Also took a few swigs of this whiskey called 'Apple Pie'. That's exactly what it tasted like too. Adam had more than me, which is probably why he started vomitting profusely later that night at his dad's.

When we left that guy's house, I dropped Adam off at Staff's for an hour while I went to Liz's. Liz and Heather were gone he whole time I was there because they went to get food from McDonald's. So that left me to hang out with Justin and Andrew. Andrew and Justin both had cookies with acid in them. Although I did not have one of those, I did have a beer. I was already fucked up from the weed anyway.

Andrew was hilarious. I can't believe he is only 15. 15 year olds doing acid. That is crazy to me.

I was still fucked up when I met Adam at midnight. I was right on time, btw. We went back to his dad's house to smoke in the basement. We were having a chill time, then, like I mentioned earlier, he started throwing up. It was so sick. I went upstairs so I didn't have to see it. I got him a drink and brought him a towel downstairs so he could try to clean up a little. Luckily the basement floor is dirt.

Believe it or not, we smoked another bowl after that. I called Dan and made him say 'Remember that time....'

It was hilarious. We both laughed so hard.

We had sex on his dad's bed. I tried my hardest to stay quiet, but I couldn't do it. I had to scream. Our hearts were pounding when we were done. Ecstacy. :-)

I have an appointment for my hair tomorrow. I wan a different style, but I know I'll come walking out of that place looking similar to what I do now. Who knows.

missdahling at 6:48 p.m.