Dec. 02, 2003

It Was Snowing

My day was better yesterday after I left work. I met Ben and Adam at Danley's after my shift. We proceeded to smoke a bowl in the parking lot. Then we went on a burn run out by my house.

We were all really stoned, but we dropped Ben off at his car and smoked another bowl in the parking lot. Adam and I went inside after Ben went home. That drive really must have sucked for him.

I got served a beer and Adam had about 2 I think. Not a whole lot happening inside, but it was still cool. I spent most of the time trying to get away from this annoying guy. The one who was trying to teach me how to play the bowling game. I wish he wouldn't come in there. I never knew how annoying one person could be.

So, the annoying bowler was there..."I don't's like, my house" was there...Cheryl, Terri (the bartender on Saturday nights), and I think those are the only people I knew. Nelli wasn't there, thank god. "HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW!!!!"

It was so weird...after we left the bar, we were sitting in my car packing a bowl and it started snowing. It was really coming down. I am not ready for snow at all.

I thought I was going to get home early last night. It was only 1am when we drove back to Adam's. So, we get back and park to say goodbye to one another. All of a sudden, he was like,"I want to have sex."

I kind of wanted to get home. I was worried about the snow and curfew and all that. So I tell him this and he was like,"Alright, I'll see ya tomorrow."

My cell phone rings about two blocks away. It's Adam saying,"Hey, I left the door open, so uh, just come upstairs. I want to see you."

Ok, Ok...I decided to go over. When I got to his room, I told him that I wasn't staying long due to the snow. After a lot of prompting, he got me to stay.

We fucked each other for awhile. It was rough 90% of the time. I was in heaven, it felt that good.

He stopped and said,"I'm all out of breath..." Then he handed me my thong and jeans. I didn't have them on yet when he said that he wanted to have more sex and pulled me on top of him. Guess he just needed a breather.

He came, then we got dressed. It was then that we realized that the door wasn't locked. EeEeK! Good thing noone came in.

Well, I didn't get home early, but I had a hell of a good time. I am glad that I didn't go home right away.

missdahling at 7:30 p.m.