Nov. 24, 2003

Back at Theta Chi

I had such a long weekend. I am really tired today and I feel really gross. I was so lazy this morning that I didn't even take a shower....Adam just stopped by and gave me 2 cigarettes. Two DISGUSTING cigarettes. They are Marlboro Milds. He is also borrowing my bowl. Maybe I'm just being stupid, but I don't want him to use it. It's mine. Chrissy and him are going to his dad's house to smoke. They got Vince's number from me which also pissed me off. What is wrong with me? I know this shouldn't be a big deal, but I feel like crying anyway.

When he was here, he accused me of being in a bad mood. I was trying to act like nothing was wrong. So sue me, I'm in a bad mood. Like he never fucking gets a little down sometimes. People are entitled to feel how they want. Fuck it.

He also got pissed at me on Friday night too. The concert (they didn't have fun)wasn't over until almost 1, so they didn't have time to go to the Cell Block. That made me happy. So he calls me from the bar and asks if I want to come into town. He had woken me up, so I said that I was just going to stay in. He got so pissed and started yelling at me. I don't understand. I didn't want to cause a fight, so I went in anyway. We smoked at his dad's and then went to his grandparent's. At least the weed mellowed me out so I was in a better mood.

The sex was good, but not as crazy as last Wednesday. At least, I think it was Wednesday.

I spent most of my Saturday sleeping. Probably because I didn't get home until 5am that morning.

Babysitting was alright. Liz, Justin, and Justin's niece and nephew stopped by. Taryn and Nick played with Derek and Rebekah. They were having a good time. I left there at 9:30 and went right to Chris' shop to meet Liz.

I walk in and see Nick K. rolling a joint. Just in time!!!

Chris has not smoked since 1998. No lie, 1998! ! ! That is so crazy. Liz hasn't smoked in over a month. They both got sick. Nick had to drive Chris home he was that fucked up.

Liz got home and basically layed in her bed because whenever she moved, she felt like she was going to be sick.

She didn't make it to Theta with Justin and I. Not like it was a big loss...the party was lame. We were only there for about two hours at the most. We played 7,11,or doubles. That was probably the most fun we had while we were there. That and smoking in Tedd's room.

Justin and I still wanted to drink, so I called Adam and he said that we could come down to his work and drink. We all had fun. We drank, played pool, and smoked cigarettes. There were only three of us, but we all had a blast. We had so much fun that we were there until 6 in the morning!!

Adam closed up and we all went for a burn run out Mile Hill in Justin's new truck.

When we dropped Justin off, Adam and I drove to Danville to stay at a hotel because we didn't want to go home.

I didn't go to sleep until after 9:30. That is 11 hours of partying that I did! The last thing I remember Adam say was,"Let's have more sex!" lol...

Since we didn't check in until Sunday morning at 7, checkout wasn't until this morning at 11.

We stayed at the hotel until about 1am last night. We slept till 3 in the afternoon, then I went home to get a shower and stuff. I came back and we spent the night being stoned. It was great.

The bad thing was that when we tried to have sex I was really sore from the past couple of nights. We had to have anal sex. It wasn't so bad, actually a little enjoyable. I don't like doing that everyday or anything, but once in awhile is alright.

30 more minutes of work. This fucking sucks. I guess Adam and I are supposed to meet up after I take Megan and Julia home. Who the hell knows.

missdahling at 9:06 p.m.