Nov. 25, 2003

One Month Till X-Mas

I actually went right home after work last night. It's amazing I know. I did go out at 2am though. Adam and I smoked....wasn't to terribly exciting.

My period is over. One word for Adam : Oral. I miss when he does that. It's been about 2 whole weeks.

I get only two more paychecks before Christmas. That totally sucks. Why didn't I realize how quickly it was coming up? Here is a list of people I have to buy for:

1. Mom

2. Dad

3. Megan

4. Madison

5. Liz

6. Heather

7. Adam

I am hoping to get all my shopping done for my family this weekend and maybe one or two of Liz and Heather's gifts. They made lists but I have yet to pick them up from Liz's house.

I'm worried about getting Adam's gift. We tried to talk about Christmas last night but didn't really come up with much. He wanted to set a price limit but I have no idea. I am scared to name a price. I'm afraid it might be too high or too low. He said that whatever price I name, he will go 200-300 dollars higher. When I asked him why, he said,"Because you're a girl and girls like nice things."

The other night he said that he wanted me to buy his guitar back from Bendockter. He said that that would be the best Christmas present ever. He hasn't said anything since then, so I'm not sure if I should take that seriously. I really want this Christmas to be special.

Where am I going to get all this money to buy people gifts?

missdahling at 9:20 p.m.