Sept. 12, 2003

History Together

Last night I did not feel like doing anything at all. I was asked to the bar, but declined. The deal was that I would pick up Adam when he was done at the bar, then we would go hang out.

There was miscommunication, and I ended up in the bar for way longer than I expected while he drank, and tried to help break up a fight. Let me tell you, I was pissed. It was already 2 am and I had been ready to go for 45 minutes.

When we finally DID get in the car to go, we had to bring some drunk/coked up guy home whom we did not even know. The coke-head was friends with the asshole who got in the fight. Screw that. I didn't feel like dealing with it. I was a bitch to both Adam and the coke-head. Now, I was doubly pissed.

So finally, time to go! I tried explaining to Adam why I was upset, and then he gave me his points of view. He kept saying that he was sorry, but I wouldn't even respond at first. He was like,"I don't want you to be mad at me."

I finally calmed down and amazingly decided that I wasn't mad anymore.

Even though I didn't want to go out at all last night, I'm glad that I did because when we got back to his grandparent's house, we had such a good conversation. The topic: US (Adam and I).

We discussed how we are both really happy together and how we're glad that we're finally making things work out. He thought it was cool because it's not like we just met...we've known each other and have been seeing each other off and on for about 2 years. Thinking about it, that is a really cool thing. We have history together.

It's weird, we talked about being exclusive so amny times before and neither one of us did anything about it. I told him that I thought the timing was all wrong. That was probably part of it, but also things never worked out maybe because we were younger, and neither one of us were ready to give up the 'college lifestyle of hooking up and partying'.

I want things to be like this forever.

missdahling at 7:44 p.m.