Sept. 14, 2003

I like Long Island ... iced teas, that is

Friday night I went to the bar with Adam. I drank rum and coke, but didn't get drunk because I only had one glass.

We were out until about 4am. It was crazy. It felt so good to just lay down when I got back to Adam's.

Since I ws out so late on Friday night, I slept most of the day on Saturday. I basically layed around, watched tv and stuff.

When I finally got around to taking a shower, it was around dinner time. I ate, and then went into town and met Megan and Meghan at Burger King which is where I left my car.

The three of us picked pu Joey K. and went on a burn run in Norry. The weed was good. I was high off of two hits. Honestly, I don't really remember too much.

The second burn run Meghan H. drove. I think we were driving by my house, but I don't remember and couldn't tell where the hell were.

Megan, Meghan and Joey left and I went to visit Liz and Heather. I felt awkward because I was fucked up and they weren't. They could so tell that I was fucked up too.

I met Ben and Adam at the bar around 11:20. There, I drank a very strong long island iced tea. I'd say that it was about 85% alcohol. Very yummy though.

We hung out at the bar which was really fun. Then went back to Adam's friend Gary's house to smoke and I got even MORE fucked up.

We were all sitting at Gary's and Adam whispers in my ear, "lets have sex."

Of course we couldn't have sex at Gary's, so we had to wait until we got back to his grandparent's.

Ben, Adam and I we watching tv in the back bedroom when Adam motioned for me to go upstairs. I'm not sure if I was descrete about it or not, I don't remember. I did find myself in the bedroom having sex though. :-)

I had to leave after we had sex because Ben was staying over at his house and we had left him watching television in the back room.

So I got home, ate some chex mix, and quenched my thirst by drinking some lemonade. I chatted on IM for awhile, then went to sleep. Might I add that I slept on the floor. Meg's room is getting painted so she slept in my bed. haha

I think I'll shower now and then watch some tv. Later on I am going to dinner with Liz and Ana.

missdahling at 12:26 p.m.