Aug. 26, 2003

Hello. My name is Jennifer and I am stoned.

Oh my god...I am still stoned...Adam and I bought weed from Ana's b/f Jeremy/ We all went on a burn run with Adam driving. Soo fun.. Adam was so fucking stoned he could barely drive. I'm just glad we made it home alive.

When we were hanging out at Jeremy's house before he got home, Jeremy's mom and Ana were telling me not to wear a dress to NY. THey think I am going to get raped, murdered, and thrown in a river (in that particular order) if I wear that. Fuck them, I will wear what I want! haha

The burn run was great. Those country roads...thank god for those. Burn runs wouldn't be the same without them.

NOTE: I was hungry the whole time!!!

Adam and I dropped off Ana, Jeremy, and Hernan, then went back to his grandparent's.

ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE NIGHT: I need to quote Adam in this one. He looks at my as I pulled down my skirt, smirks/smiles and says,"That was the best fucking blow job I've ever got!"

I am so proud of myself.

We drove around town then, and decided that since there was nothing to do, we'd just go home.

We tentatively have plaans for lunch tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes.

I just had some of the most ridiculous IM comversations that I have had in my entire life. Dan asked me if I had been drinking. WRONG!!!! I have not been drinking. I've been smoking again.

Yep...still stoned...

The End


-Went to work

-got icecream with Adam on my dinner break

-found out that Jeremy's friend told him I won the wet t-shirt contest

missdahling at 1:52 a.m.