Sept. 17, 2003

It's Painful

For the past two nights after work I went to Vince's and smoked. He couldn't make the rent at his house, so he moved and is now living with some friends. Mon. and Tues. night while I was there, a bunch of people were hanging out. Ask me who actually lives there and I couldn't tell ya.

On Monday night I got really high, and then I met Adam at the bar. It was pretty empty except for a few people who were watching the football game (Giants vs Cowboys).

We got back to his grandparent's house and started fooling around on his bed. I am worried because when we went to have sex, it really hurt again. He was already inside of me, but I didn't want to keep going. What the fuck is wrong with me? I made an appointment for a pill check next week, so I'll hopefully get this straightened out. Fuck. This sucks.

Last night after we met up, we didn't even try to have sex...just made out.

It's weird. I don't have pain any other time...I want this problem resolved. help!

missdahling at 8:48 p.m.