Sept. 18, 2003


I just had SUCH a fun time!!

I hung out with Liz, Heather and Bill after I got off work tonight. We talked, smoked cigarettes, just kinda chilled. After about 1/2 hr., Ana arrived and we all sat around talking.

When Heather and Bill left, Ana, Liz, and I smoked ghetto-style out of the soda can. I'd estimate that we smoked a bowl and a half between the three of us.

I was feeling nice (not as nice as the past two nights) and so was Ana, but Liz was fucked up. Damn part time smoker. j/k. We didn't really hang out for too long because Ana smoked and ran. It's cool though.

I left Liz agonizing over a guy that she likes and I kind of felt bad. It would be so great if she could get with him. She deserves it.

We're getting to the exciting part soon.

This is when I met Adam at the bar where we usually drink. They closed, so we went across the street to another bar to have a beer. When the bartender asked me for my id, I lied and said it was in the car and that I would go get it.

Just then, she asked the owner of the bar (who is friends with Adam and his dad) if he knew me. He said,"Yeah, that's Jenn."

Fuck yeah!!! I got my Coor's Light.

...and yet another bar I can go to and get served at.

Adam surprised me with great news. His dad was extremely fucked up last night and stayed in one of the hotel rooms above the bar. He gave Adam the key and asked if he would take it back to the other bartender today. So, Adam had the key to the JACUZZI ROOM!!!

YAAAAY....Now, realize that I have been horny all day and really wanted to have sex. So the jacuzzi room made me want it even more.

We both got so turned on making out, and touching, etc. while the jacuzzi was filling up with water.

The hot water felt so good. We had sex in the jacuzzi of course, then moved to the bed still sopping wet. He fucked me and I loved it. Doggystyle was the best. That was so nice...whenever I'm with him, it feels so right.

I had so much fun. I'll sleep good tonight.

P.S. Tonight, I didn't feel any pain when we had sex. Why did it hurt last night?

missdahling at 4:01 a.m.