Oct. 09, 2003

Issue Resolved

Thank goodness for babysitting on Saturday evening. The money will hold me over until Thursday when I get paid since I went to Vince's last night and spent my last $20.00 on a bag.

I only smoked one bowl with Vince, then (I'm not sure why) hung out with Ana and Jeremy. It was actually nice seeing both of them. It still pisses me off that Ana never hangs out anymore, but she's cool to chill with once in awhile. We talked about things with Liz and eh, I'm still kind of pissed at her about that whole Ryan thing. She was kind of the instigator.

Ana thought she was being a bitch too. But, she is my best friend...sometimes I don't even know why I'm friends with her. Honestly...ok, I don't really feel like getting into that.

Ana, Jeremy and I smoked a bowl and a half while we waited for Adam. He had to drive his dad's drunk ass home from the bar. I heart his dad though. He is so much fun. I wanna hang out with him again soon.

Adam was disappointed because he only got to smoke one bowl with us. I felt a little bad because I told him that we could split the bag. Oh well, next time. He wasn't actually pissed off, so it's cool.

He apologized again for Sunday night. I was so hurt and upset, but I forgive him because I love him. He was like,"I'm really happy with you Jenn."

I hope he always feels that way about me because I feel the same way.

He also asked that if I ever felt that I wasn't happy to tell him. I go,"ok, I will, but I don't think it will be happening."

We had sex doggy style, me on top, me on bottom on my back, me on bottom on my stomach, and him on his back. It felt so good and I wanted to scream so badly but couldn't because Adam's bedroom is inbetween his grandparent's. We desperatly need to go to a hotel soon. Then we can just have sex all night long, as loud as we want. Ah, yes, that would be excellent.

missdahling at 7:36 p.m.