Jul. 13, 2003

Fireworks from the Hill

what the fuck is going on? Why haven't I talked to Adam since Thurs. morning when I left his house? Did he find someone new that he'd rather spend his last month and a half in Pa with?

Other exciting news...I got NEW CAR!!! It is a red, 99, Honda Civic! I love it. Everyone says that it is 'so me'. I have a 300.00 car payment every month. That's the down side. But I finally have a new car!!!!

Liz, Ana and I smoked a blunt last night after we watched the fireworks. It was just the 3 of us. I took Ana home around 12:30, then came back home to my house. I chatted on im for awhile with Eric M., and Brandon. I talked for the longest with Mark. I dunno, maybe I'll try to get with him after Adam leaves. I'm gonna need someone to hang out with. He is flirtacious sometimes...like, last night he said,"I have a pool. You should come swimming sometime. It has a night lite." then he put an angel face. I told that I'd take him up on his offer. So, I dunno...will I ever hang out with him? Who knows.

missdahling at 7:58 p.m.