Sept. 23, 2003

Frog Bowl

I am so fucking pissed off; and for a kind of stupid reason too. Adam was supposed to get me coconut cream pie and they did not have any. That itself makes me mad, but what makes me even more upset is the fact that he was at the restaurant for a couple of hrs and he just now calls to tell me. Thanks for nothing. He suggested that we get something to eat at 10 when I get off work, but I'm not even fucking hungry.

^fuck that.

So, last night was crazy. This isn't the crazy part, but I hung out with Liz, Heather and DAN. He is home from Texas for 10 days, then he gets shipped off to Cali. He was showing me all these self defense techniques that I will hopefully never have to use.

Liz loves my new bowl that I got at the Grasshopper. It is really cute, I have to admit. It's a glass one with a pink frog on top. Adorable. I waited until I was ready to leave for the bar to smoke because Dan doesn't smoke anymore and I didn't want to be rude.

I sat in my car in front of Liz's house and smoked by myself.

I get to the bar all high, and then drank some beers. We played pool which I really did not feel like doing. I just didn't feel like dealing with it and was a little pissed off that I had to play. I was glad when that was over.

Adam's dad was extremely drunk last night. Ok, I was wearing a red v-neck top which was very low cut. We were sitting at the bar and he says,"Hey Jenn." I look over, and he stares at my boobs, and squeezes his chest. haha. I was getting hit on by Adam's dad.

We actually went back to his house and smoked a bowl with him. It was so fun. I liked smoking with him. I want to do it again.

Because Adam asked me to show his dad my boobs, I did. It was pretty damn funny. Everyone laughed when I told them about it at work. Adam was talking about how he didn't get his dad a present for his birthday and Harry goes,"You did get me a present. I saw Jenn's tits!"

Adam kept saying,"Doesnt she have some nice fucking tits!"

^how sweet

We didn't get back to Adam's grandparents' house until really late. I was so fucked up.

We had sex even though I had my period. He left bite marks on my breasts. Rough=good.

After we had sex, we were both so tired, we passed out until 8am. I woke him up and was like,"I have to get out of here." He snuck me out of the house without his grandparent's knowing. :-)

Well, that was my night as of 9/22-9/23. I guess I'll go now. I'm so irritable I can't even stand myself.

missdahling at 9:08 p.m.