Jul. 30, 2003

No Doggy

I got to see my boyfriend last night. That puts me in a good mood today. We stayed in last night, and just watched tv. Conan O'Brien always seems to be our show to watch up until the part where they have he musical guests. That's when we turn the tv off. Partly because the musical guests are horrible, and the other part being that we want each other so badly.

We made out on the couch, then he suggested that we move into his bedroom. We made out some more, then he told me that he "wanted to fuck me sooo bad."

It was me on top to start out; slow, then speeding it up a little. I looked down at him, and he goes,"you feel sooo goood." I kissed him.

He fucked me hard on my side, which I love. The harder and faster, the louder I scream. But I had to try to be quiet b/c his roommate was asleep.

We did it missionary position, but it isn't really one of our favorites, so I got back on top for awhile.

I started sucking his dick, then he finished in my mouth. My jaw hurt a little.

no doggy-style last night. That was disappointing b/c that's pretty much my favorite position. However, it was still fun.

Mmmm...I like kissing him. It's the feeling when two people kiss and it just 'feels right'; like there's a connection. I never get tired of feeling his mouth on mine.

Who knows if I'll see him tonight. It would be nice.

missdahling at 6:28 p.m.