Jul. 31, 2003

Harley D

It's been such a long time since I have been horsebackriding. Probably over a year. Sometimes I would hate the hot summer days when I'd have to put on jeans and boots and sweat my ass off in the sun for 2 hrs. My muscles would be sore, and I would be beat. All I'd want to do was go home, take a cold shower and sit in air conditioning.

Then again, there would be days when horsebackriding would be so relaxing. I'd canter around the ring, and do flying lead changes with ease; totally enjoying myself. The horse that I rode was a really good jumper. It was the one thing that he loved more than anything else while in the ring. Screw walking and jogging, he was content to canter and jump. I miss the rush of taking off the ground and up into the air for a split second.

Every summer up until last year, I would be in several horse shows. Getting ready for shows was awesome. My instructor (and friend) would make me practice, practice, practice. Then, the day of the show, we would bathe the horse, clean tack, wash blankets, make sure everything was ready and nothing was forgotten. It was a process that basically took all day.

The day of the show I would get up before the sun came up. We'd arrive at the show-grounds and practice, and calm the horse down since my horse was always a goddamn spaz.

I adored being in the show ring. Absolutely ADORED it. Riding around, competing against others. Then when I would win, I'd be ecstatic. But of course, I'd have to be a good sport about it. god, what fun!

I really miss it. I'd look forward to it. Horsebackriding used to be part of my summer. That's probably part of the reason why I miss it so much.

missdahling at 9:05 p.m.