Sept. 29, 2003

Worry Wart

I HAVE to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I NEED to get this resolved. And when I do, Adam and I are spending the night at a hotel, and we are NOT going to leave. He is going to fuck the shit out of me. We will have sex the entire night because I really miss him. :-(

Anyway, I went to Vince's last night after dinner. I spent the last of my money for the week on a 20 bag. Luckily payday is this Thursday. Everyone at Vince's loved my bowl. It was well worth the $35.00.

Whenever I go to Vince's, there are so many people there that I don't know. Last night it was Vince, me (of course), Nate L. (I haven't seen him since Jackie, Taryn, Liz, Beck and I bought pot from him about 2 years ago.), Aaron L. (Nick's brother), Bob (never met him before), the guy that lived there (I think), Kama, Hue, and a couple of other people. Cool kids though. I liked them.

Vince asked if Adam and I were still together to which I replied yes. It was obvious to what he was hinting at when he asked what I was up to later that night. I am not having sex with him again.

If I have an STD, if that's what is wrong with me, there is a good possibility that I got it from Vince. We didn't use a condom. I was stupid. I always use condoms, except with Adam. That leaves the possibility that I could have got something from him though. Or maybe it was Chris....because of the 'unmentionable incident'....although I haven't been tested in about a year and a half, so it could be any one of, well, 8? 9? people? I dunno.

This sucks, and it is stressing me out.

Ok, enough about that. Adam worked last night until 11, so we just went to Sheetz and got food, and ate it there. I was so tired, so I just went home.

He is so sweet. He brought me dinner from OIP tonight, and cigarettes. He does that a lot , but everytime he does, it makes me day. I really am a lucky girl.

missdahling at 7:10 p.m.