Oct. 02, 2003


Update on Wed. night. Even though I had nothing to do after work until 10:30, I stayed around in town so that I could meet Adam 30 minutes after I got off work. We got high in the parking lot at the bar, then decided to get a movie. We were both hungry, so we ate Taco Bell before going back to Adam's. This is the first time we have watched a movie together in a long time. It was so much fun. The movie was good too. We watched 'Identity'. A very excellent film. Of course I wanted him the whole time we were laying there together. Making out touching got me all turned on and apparently turned him on too. He put my hand on his dick and he was already hard. We didn't have sex because of my problem, so a blow job was in order. He said that it felt good, and I hope he wasn't lying.

I can never tell whether or not I give good head.It was a fun night though. I got home around 2:30 and luckily everyone was asleep.

This morning I went to Family Planning. Of course I was late, so I wasn't actually seen until around 12. They took cultures, which they will send to be tested even though when she looked at them under the microscope, it all looked healthy. My vagina also looked healthy on the inside and outside.

However, she discovered 2 abrasions right on the inside of my vagina. The one on the right is a little larger than the left which could explain why I have felt more pain the right than the left. She said that this could be due to having very rough sex. And we do have rough sex a lot. The abrasions also explain why sex hurts sometimes and not others. They will heal on their own, so they're starting to heal and then we have sex again and they become irritated. The doctor suggested using lots of lube so that it will cut down on the friction of his penis rubbing up against the abrasions.

I am VERY relieved to hear that everything seems alright and that it isn't anything serious. It's not only a load off of my shoulders, but a load off of Adam's as well.

He was glad to hear that I was okay when I told him at lunch today after my appointment. I miss him. I want to have sex with him so bad. He looked so cute when I met him for lunch today!

I cannot wait to see him tonight.

missdahling at 6:32 p.m.