Jul. 17, 2003

Sex In the Suburbs - Question 13

Break ups and make ups. After you've broken up, under what circumstances would you take your ex back? How many more chances are you willing to give someone? When do you draw the line? Tell me about your make ups and break ups.

I have had an ongoing relationship with him for 3 yrs (I met him July 2000).In the beginning we were just casually dating, going to movies, dinner, etc. After about a month, the relationship started to fade, and we saw less and less of each other. We would hang out maybe once every couple of months.

During summer of 2001, while I was at college, our relationship suddenly had gotten more serious. We realized that we actually had true feelings for each other and cared about one another a lot.

Even though we felt this way, things would always get fucked up somehow. The longest time we have went w/o talking (since things became serious) was a month, give or take. This has been going on since summer of '01.

Now, he is my boyfriend, we actually made things official. However, we have taken each other back and have given each other millions of chances since then for about 2 yrs.

Sometimes we would randomly stop talking to one another, decide we miss each other, and try to work things out again.

Other times, there would be specific reasons for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. chance. i.e. I had sex w/ his friend, etc.

I think that when you deeply care about a person, love someone, you would give them an endless number of chances. There have been so many times where I've said,"This is the last chance! If things don't work out this time, we're through!" Of course I'd give him another chance next time around.

I think the reason I keep giving him more chances is because in the very end, I want to be with him. That's how I feel right now anyway. I have come to the conclusion that the only way I would not give him another chance is if I happened to someday, miraculously get over him, or wanted to get over him. You might call me stupid, but I call myself 'in love'.

missdahling at 8:55 p.m.