Aug. 03, 2003

I <3 Stiffler

I was dead to the world this afternoon. I just woke up a little while ago. I got up and went to church at 10:30 am after getting to bed at 6am.

Saturday, 8/2: My night began when Liz, Jenn, Felicia (Jenn's little sister), and I went to see American Pie 3. We all liked the movie. I thought it was way better than the second one. It was hilarious, and of course, Stiffler made the whole movie! Gotta love him!

Unfortunately Jenn had to work in this morning at 6, so she couldn't go to the party with Liz and I last night. The party wasn't very exciting, but it was still alright I guess. Mark and Chris invited us.

There was an interesting variety of people present. There were a couple of marine guys there, and this one punk kid. The girls weren't all that interested in fashion, but they were so nice. They reminded me of the type of girls associated with Adam's group of friends.

I was just about to finish my second beer when Liz, Mark, and this Mandy girl decided we needed to score some weed. Luckily we got hooked up. We drove about 40 minutes to get it. It would have taken longer if I would've driven the speed limit.

Liz, Mark, Chris, Mandy, and Misty (another girl at the party) and I went to 'the pot spot', which is the cornfield we went to the other night. The shit I smoked the other night was supposed to be, according to Mark, 'the best stuff I'll ever smoke in my life'. However, I think the weed last night was better and it was only shwag.

I felt bad because I didn't hang out for very long. I took Liz home so that I could go to Adam's. I was supposed to meet him at 3:30, but instead I didn't get there until around 4:15. He was pissed too. I felt bad about that also. When I talked to him on the phone and told him that I wasn't going to make it until a little after 4, he told me to just forget it. I really wanted to see him though.

When I walked in his livingroom and saw him sitting on the couch, I was so glad that I got to go over. I can't even describe the feeling that I get when I'm with him.

Despite the fact that he was pissed at me for being late, it turned out to be a decent night. I thought he was going to act like a dick, but he was alright. There were a few minor comments, but I was too stoned to make a big deal about it, and today, it is basically all forgotten.

I said 'basically all forgotten'. The one thing that is bothering me from last night: his friend hates me. Now, granted Liz and I make fun of this kid to no end, but only because he hates us. I don't know what I ever did to him either. I think it's fucked up. Usually people don't go around hating me for no particular reason. Why is it even bothering me so much? I shouldn't care.

I scratched my fingernails down his back and left marks last night. So obviously I immensely enjoyed having sex with him.

We fell asleep in the spoon position. It's the most comfortable position to be in when going to sleep with someone. At least I think that it is. I've always liked spooning.

Ok, there's not much else to tell. That was pretty much my night. Later people.

missdahling at 7:11 p.m.