Aug. 04, 2003


It is 5:26 am. I got home from Adam's a couple of minutes ago. I just had sex a little while ago. ::smile::

Without saying a word, he undressed me. At first, he didn't even kiss me. His mouth didn't touch mine until he was inside of me. In a way, it was almost mysterious.

He was on top some of time, but I was on top most of the time.

He told me to go slow, and said that it felt good; and god, it did feel great.

I couldn't get enough. Vvveery hot.

Afterwards, a cigarrete was much in demand for both of us.

so we each smoked a Marlboro light (my brand), and turned on the tv.

We were more than halfway watching a movie on TNT; it was called 'Children of the Dark' when I got dressed and went home.

I didn't feel like sleeping over because I wasn't tired and I could tell that he was beginning to get sleepy.

We kissed goodbye and he told me he'd call tomorrow. Well, actually today.

I drove home listening to the radio, thinking of how much I like him.

missdahling at 5:26 a.m.