Jun. 25, 2003

Afternoon Delight

I am going to be so sad when he moves. Today he decided that he wants to move right after his birthday (July 14). Again, this is an issue that I am not going to discuss at this time.

At lunchtime I was sitting in Applebee's with Liz, eating, discussing topics such as guys, sex, relationships, etc. (I think my friends and I really relate to the girls on "Sex & the City") when my cell rings. It was Adam calling around 1 something. That is unusually early for him.

Maybe he just called b/c he wanted a ride back to Bloomsburg, I dont know. But at any rate, after I dropped Liz off, we hung out at his dad's house. No alcohol or pot was involved. I do really like hanging out with him. We just sat chatting, watching "The Real World".

We started making out and he picked me up and carried me upstairs to a bedroom. I'm not sure who's bedroom it was, but I think Adam or someone had slept in it the night before b/c the bed was unmade. There was also a picture of Adam's dad and some lady )Adam's x-stepmom?). We started having sex on that bed, then he led me to another room. This room looked like a spare room. It had some clothing, an ironing board, rocking chair, and some of his little sister's toys in it. So, we had sex in that room on the floor too. A little while later I drove him back to Bloom, then came here (work). He said that he would call me later tonight.

Last night after "sex & the City' was over, I went to bed. I was probably sleeping for about an hour when he called me asking me to come to Matt's where people were partying. He had apologized for getting angry the night before, which made me happy. So i went to Matt's.

I was really glad that I went too. I got to see Erik, whom I had not seen in a couple of months. I realized that I miss hanging out with them. I drank a few beers, then we went back to his house.

After we finished having sex, we laid naked together. I said to him,"I really like you."

He replied by saying,"good. Because I really like you too."

I think I wanted to tell him more, but didn't. It's probably good that I didn't, don't you think?

missdahling at 6:35 p.m.