Jun. 24, 2003

A New Indulgence

"Sex & the City" is my new passion in life. This show definitly represents single women not only in the big apple, but all over the U.S. Megan and I rented Volume 3 on Sunday night and have been watching them for the past 2 nights. I expect tonight to be no different.

Why is that when Adam asks me to hang out at ungodly hours of the night and I say no, he gets mad? Don't I have the right to say no? For instance, last night this happened and he was like,"Fine, you just don't wanna see me." Of course I'd love to see him...but y does it need to be so late? Whenever I request for him to visit me, he always says,"I dont have a car." This may be true, but I find it hard to believe that not one of his friends has a car he could borrow. Do I get angry??? nooo.

I know I should be telling him all of this instead of bitching about it in my diary. I know that it does me no good, but I guess I'm not quick enough with my tongue to think of these things.

although, I do miss him.

missdahling at 7:54 p.m.