Apr. 19, 2003

Roadtrip to State College

I should be getting my period any day now. Last month it came around the 19th. I am worried. I really hope it comes this week. If not, I have problems. It better come.

'He' didn't call like he was supposed to on Fri. afternoon. When he called on Thurs. night, he told me he would call on Fri. around 4pm. Surprise surprise...I didn't hear from him.

I'm really glad that I didn't cancel other plans to sit around and wait for his phone call that didn't come. My sister, her friend Ang, and I went to State College yesterday. We took I-80 there, which was fine. We didn't find the mall that we were looking for, but whatever.

While we were actually in State College, we got lost. We drove around the whole damn town...

We also got lost while we were coming home. Anyway, we asked for directions and managed to find out way.

Even though we got lost and everything, I still had a fun time. I mean, it was a hell of a lot better than sitting at home. In addition to that, I got some new clothes. A really cute mini-jean skirt from Abercromie, a tank top from there, and another cute summer top from another store downtown. So the day was not totally wasted.

missdahling at 5:33 p.m.