Apr. 20, 2003

A Very Happy Easter

I have came to the conclusion that I am a really stupid girl. We had sex without a condom again last night and this morning. I am almost positive that he didn't cum inside me, but there is still that slight possibility.

I just want my period to come, then I can start my birth control. I am crossing my fingers...

The house was so quiet last night. It's just him and Matt ("let's do something CraAAAaazy!!") right now because everyone else is home for Easter.

After I got there around 12, we went to the bar so he could get 40's. We came back to the house, smoked, and drank.

Matt and him played the most ridiculous game in the basement. Matt picked up a beer pong ball and says,"I bet if you throw this at me I can catch it and pause it like they do in the Matrix."

So with that statement, I watched them throw beer pong balls at each other and try to catch them. It was ridiculous.

I was so excited when Dan showed up. It was so nice to visit with him even though I was stoned off my ass. I am really glad I got to see him because he leaves for North Carolina today at 5. Then, he goes to Missouri, then whereever the Marines decide to send him. That's a scary thought to me, but I gues he is really enjoying this. Good for him though, someone has to do it.

The WEIRDEST television shows were on last night. SNL was making fun of Michael Jackson, I remember something about someone playing a piano and singing 'Heart and Soul'... I dunnno.

Highlight of the night: sleeping on Mim's bed. I slept there 2 times ago (I think), and I absolutely LOVE that bed!!!!

We watched tv, and relaxed, cuddling on the 'good, comfortable bed'. I think it was during South Park (a really odd episode about Jennifer Lopez) when I turned off the tv.

So, the sex was good. I was more turned on than I had been the last few times we've hung out. At some points it was rough, with him biting my nipples so hard that it hurt. He was pulling my hair a little, which I love when he does that.

At one point when I was on top, he asked me to go slow. That felt soo good. I like being on top.

He also had me in a couple of other positions. he was on top, he had me on my side....fun. I just can't believe we did all this without a condom. This is worrying me.

The sweetest thing was what he did this morning. I was laying on my side sleeping, when he rolled over, kised my shoulder, and put his arms around me. I love little acts like that. It's cute and really makes me feel good; like he actually cares about me.

We had sex this morning, again w/out a condom. I guess we're not using those anymore.

I kissed him goodbye, and left around 10 this morning to come here, to work. Bleh...

We both said that we would like to hang out with each other later this week, so I am hoping that plans follow through.

That's all for now, so Happy Easter people.

missdahling at 11:46 a.m.