Apr. 17, 2003

Purple Pills

'He' msg'ed me earlier tonight.

"Hey Jenn. Whats going on? We haven't talked in awhile."

"I'm good..."

"I gotta go, but I'll call you tonight. Maybe we can smoke and chill."

whatever. I'm not really expecting him to call me.

I can't believe he can just forget that the last time we talked, we were fighting. It doesn't piss me off, just upsets me.

Anyway, I went to my appointment today. I am so glad I finally got those birth control pills. I just pray that I get my period. I am supposed to be getting it within the next week.

Meg and I went out to eat at Perkin's afterward. She went to school late.

My afternoon was fairly boring. I basically slept. Then, came to work (which is where I am now). I am working 5-10 because John needed off. That means Monday will be an easy day for me. I will work 1:30-5 vs. 1:30-10. That will be nice.

I can't wait to get out of here!!!!!

missdahling at 9:27 p.m.