Jun. 04, 2003

Night # 3

I got to see Adam 3 nights in a row! I went over again last night. He called a little earlier this time, around 1.

My nipple hurts. He was biting it so hard that a small piece of skin came off. It isn't really that bad, but it's a little red and sore.

I sucked his dick a lot last night. He liked it. He kept saying how good it felt. I was being soo loud again. We were going at it doggy style, all of a sudden he pulls out and starts rubbing his dick outside of me; teasing me. "Do you want it?" he asks.

-I said,"I want it!!"

-"Are you sure?"

-"YES! I want it!!!!!!"

-"How bad?"

_"I want it BAD!!!!"

At this point, I'm sure all his roommates could hear us.

Someone went downstairs to lock the door and Adam told me to be a little quieter. Well, as soon as he was done telling me that, he bit hard into my shoulder and I screamed. So much for being quiet. He whispered,"Do you like fucking me?"

"I do like it," is what I told him. I meant it too.

When he goes down on me, he uses his teeth. That drives me crazy. it hurts, but it's a good kind of pain.

It is def. good when I'm on top. We both like it like that. He was moaning, "Oh Jenn, you feel so good." I totally love hearing him say that. God, I do love it.

He bent me over the bed and started pumping extra hard. I was screaming and moaning, it felt so good, I thought my legs were going to give out. Then he came all over my me. On my back, my ass, my inner thighs,...

"It's not cold in here for once,"he said (his bedroom is always freezing).

I looked at him, smiled, and said,"no it isn't. Its warm in here."

We went outside and each smoked a cigarette. The outside air actually was nice because we were both hot and sweaty.

I stayed for about 45 minutes more. When I was ready to leave, he walked me to my car, then I went home.

I really do like him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I went to OIP for lunch today with Liz. Then went back to her house and just hung out. while we were eating, the ball from her tongue ring came off. She had to take the whole thing out because there was no possible way to get it back on. Chris probably fucked something up because Ana had to take hers out too.

If I ever get another piercing or a tattoo, I am going to a real parlor, but letting Chris do it. Well, maybe I'd let him tattoo me, but not a piercing.

After work I'm getting a movie and snacks with Liz.

I wonder if I'll talk to Adam tonight.

missdahling at 7:31 p.m.