May. 04, 2003

Twas a Booty call

I still haven't talked to Mark.

'Anger Management' was a good movie. Liz and I went to see it last night. It seems that Adam Sandler is always such a good actor in whatever movie he plays in.

Around 2am my cell phone rings. Guess who???? Give up? It was Kevin. He sounded so depressed. I was really feeling bad for him. He had a really horrible day I guess. His fraternity had Senior Sendoff yesterday and he told me that he doesn't get along with some of his brothers. He also had to get a tetnus shot due to the fact that he cut his hand on glass. It just wasn't his day I guess.

I pissed Liz off by going to his house. Whatever, she'll get over it I guess.

Kevin and I started watching the movie "Swordfish". Well, that was a joke. We both knew that I was there to have sex with him, not watch a movie. But nonetheless, it was nice having his arms around me, while we layed underneath the covers.

He complimented me and said that my outfit looked nice. He told me that he liked my bellybutton ring too.

We started having a discussion about me wearing a thong, and shortly after that, our clothing came off.

It was pretty humorous when he put the condom on upside-down. Humerous, pathetic, weird, I dunno.

I was on top the entire time. I like being on top. Kevin didn't last as long as he usually does. Still longer than 'him' though. He apologized and said something like,"I failed." hahaha. It was all the beer I think. He had been drinking since 3pm.

I guess you could say that we napped because about an hour later, he woke me up by putting my hand on his penis. Then, I gave him a blow job. I think I was still half asleep b/c I vaguely remember it.

So, we slept until morning. The only person I had to see as I was leaving was Gimino. Kevin had mentioned that 'he' hadn't slept in that house for the past week. He is hooking up with someone else, and I don't even care. I need to stop this. I would really like a boyfriend. Someone who wants to actually hang out with me, spend time with me, not just have sex.

missdahling at 11:09 a.m.