May. 06, 2003

Throw Rocks at Boys

Lately I've been feeling a little depressed. I don't really think things with Mark are going to work out. I haven't talked to him since Snday, which was only for a few minutes online. He hasn't been on much since then. It fucking sucks because I actually like him and want a relationship with him. I should have known that things wouldn't work out. Why should they? They never do. I'm going to try to forget about him. Just another guy who walked in and out of my life.

Also, 'he' hasn't spoken to me since the last time we hung out. It will be one month on the 20th. Maybe it's better though. I need to get over him sometime I guess.

Why do I always need guys?? It's like I depend on them to make me happy or something.

missdahling at 8:24 p.m.