Mar. 13, 2003


I got back from getting my hair cut and highlighted about am hour ago. Its the same cut as before, but a little shorter. I'm not sure if I like it this short. Thank goodness it's hair and it grows. As for color, they did the same as before. Foil, then a red glaze over it.

Just like we planned, I hung out with 'him' again last night. I am so pleased because I got to hang out w/ him 2 times in 1 week!

Drug intake for last night: 1 Miller Lite, and uh, 4 bowls (I think). I didnt smoke as much as I did the other night.

We watched a really peculiar movie. The title of it was 'Go'. Being high made the movie hard to follow, but I liked it. It's one that I should see when I'm sober, but if I were, I dont know if I'd enjoy it as much.

Instead of sleeping in 'his' bedroom, we decided to sleep in his roommate Matt's room (Matt is in Fl.). Oh my god; this has to be the most comfortable bed ever. I kept saying,"Whenever I come here, I am sleeping in this bed. Matt can sleep outside for all I care."

I wonder if 'he' is going to tell Matt that we had sex in his bed. I dont think Matt's girlfriend would like that very much. Only because she's a bitch. Ok, maybe she isn't a bitch, but she definitly isn't friendly. She was pretty rude the very few times that I met her.

Last night, as well as Sunday night, when we had sex, it really hurt at first. I can't remember it hurting that bad for awhile.

It felt so good though. I think he likes it best when I'm on top. I'm not sure what my favorite position with him is. Like, with some people, some positions are better than others.

Well, I'm gonna go watch tv and relax a little. Peace.

missdahling at 2:57 p.m.