Jun. 17, 2003

Hide !

How embarrassed was I last night! I was on the phone with Adam and we agreed that we were just going to hang out tonight b/c it was kind of late, and I had just gotten back from Philly. So we hung up with each other.

A little while later he calls me again and says that he had changed his mind and he def. did not want to wait to see me tonight. He really wanted to see me last night. How could I resist that! So, I went...even though I had school this morning at 10:25.

We smoked and started watching "Animal House", which I had not seen in forever! I love that movie.

I really did miss him. It felt so good feeling him touch me and kiss me, and just plain being there with him, enjoying his company.

But now onto the embarrassing part. We were having sex, completely covered by a blanket with my on top. All of a sudden I hear the front door open (you walk in the front door and over to the right is his bedroom. It is just an open room which I think at one time was a livingroom, so it had no door). In walks his roommate Dan, and another roommate, one of the girls, but I am not sure which one.

I am still under the covers, but Adam peeks his head out, kind of sheepishly smiles and says,"uhh..Dan? Hey Dan!"

He also said,"I told you to use the back door, remember?"

The girl was like,"uuuh...haha"

Dan was just like,"uh, yeah I remember."

I hid under the covers the whole time so I don't know what the other's expressions were. All I know was that I was so embarrassed!

Luckily it didn't kill the mood too bad because when they left, we continued and it was good like always! hehe

missdahling at 7:38 p.m.