Jun. 08, 2003

He Says I'm Beautiful

I had a really nice weekend (despite the fact that I worked from 9-6:30 yesterday). After work Liz and I went to Perkin's to eat dinner. Then went rented a movie and went to her house to hang out. Note: we were trying to get ahold of Terrance the whole time so that we could smoke. We were not successful. But whatever.

Around 2:30 I went to Adam's house because that's what time he got back from the bar. When I got there he was in his bed sleeping. He looked so cute! I crawled into bed with him and woke him up. We smoked about 2 bowls and stayed up until very early in the morning.

It made me so happy when he told me he missed me. We were laying in bed just kind of looking at each other, enjoying one another's company. He says to me,"You are fucking beautiful." I'm like,"aww!!!" I honestly didn't even know what to say. It made me feel really good though.

We slept in until about noon, then had sex. I like having sex in the morning after we wake up. Actually, I like it at night too! haha.

I really had fun with him last night.

When I left Adam's, I went directly back to Liz's so that we could go to a picnic at Steve's. So we went and ate, and then left basically.

Liz and I took her brother Joe to see "Finding Nemo". That was such a cute movie! I really liked it.

So that was my weekend. I just woke up from a nap a little bit ago. Now I'm not gonna be able to sleep for awhile. I think I am going to watch tv. ciao.

missdahling at 11:49 p.m.