Jun. 29, 2003

The Drive-In Movies

When Adam and I hung out on Friday night, I all of a sudden got really upset thinking about him leaving for Cali. Of course I couldn't tell him why I was upset, so I acted like a bitch for what he thought, no apparent reason. I know it was my fault, I had no reason to act like that. I would argue with him about everything he tried to talk about. i.e. Harry Potter! Who argues about that!?

I actually started crying. He was like,"Jennifer. What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

In between sobs, I was like,"I dunno!!"

He put his arms around me and told me to calm down.

I guess everything is alright now. He was supposed to call me last night, but I never heard from him, which worried me a little.

The whole time I was at the drive-in last night, I was subconsciously waiting for my phone to ring. I did have a feeling he wasn't going to call though.

The drive-in was really fun though. I went w/ Megan and her friends, and Liz. I wasn't really into the first movie that played (Hollywood Homicide), but I was kind of watching Charlie's Angels 2. We were all high too, with the exception of Julia. I think she was the only one who didn't smoke. It was awsome. I just wish that Adam would have called me. I really wanted to see him last night.

missdahling at 2:00 p.m.